Pick Up NEPA

No LitteringVolunteers Wanted!

Even in Pennsylvania, our waterways connect us to the ocean. Trash in our storm drains and waters continuing flowing to the ocean. That’s why Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful is kicking off Pick Up Pennsylvania, in support of the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup. The International Coastal Cleanup is the world’s largest volunteer effort to improve the health of the world’s oceans and waterways.

How You Can Help:

Local Students Help Raise Awareness

Earlier this year we put the call out for Luzerne County students to design signs that could be produced and displayed throughout our area to raise awareness and help stop littering. We received nearly 100 entries from students of all ages. Check out the winning designs and watch for them around
 Luzerne County! 

Why is littering a big deal? Check out this video:

Luzerne County is proud to announce that they are now part of the multi-county campaign that started with the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau named Pick Up the Poconos.  A press conference was recently held in Wilkes-Barre to provide details on this initiative. 

Multi County Anti-Litter Coalition - Visit Luzerne County and Discover Lehigh Valley have taken interest in the Pick Up the Poconos program, and are willing to jump on-board to spread awareness in their regions, creating a multi-county anti-litter coalition. Other organizations such as Keep PA Beautiful and Discover NEPA have offered their support and assistance, as well. Anti-littering television messages will be run across in the Pocono Mountains, Luzerne County, and Lehigh Valley. The added destinations will look to take on the anti-littering program and adapt it to their location. These seven counties all recognize that littering has dozens of negative impacts, but are primarily looking to make the following impacts:

  • Make the environment clean and green for future generations
  • Create a positive impression on visitors to the region, which puts more money into the local economy
  • Reinforce the concept that “tourism cares” and that it gives back to the community
  • Produce a higher sense of pride in the community

For additional comments or questions please see contacts below.
Luzerne County- Theodore B. Wampole, Jr., Executive Director, Visit Luzerne County Theodore.Wampole@luzernecounty.org, 570-819-1877 ext. 6331
Pocono Mountains area, or Pocono 3C,  Brian Bossuyt, Executive Vice President/CMO, Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, bossuyt@poconos.org, 570-534-4543
Lehigh Valley area, contact: Alex Michaels, President & CEO, Discover Lehigh Valley, alex@DiscoverLehighValley.com, 610-882-9200

 We are excited to announce the release of the following research reports:

  • Pennsylvania Litter Research Study
  • The Cost of Litter & Illegal Dumping in Pennsylvania - A Study of Nine Cities Across the Commonwealth.

All documents and related material, including Fact Sheets, News Releases, etc., can be viewed and shared from DEP’s website, www.dep.pa.gov/litteringactionplan